EFF Member Still In Shock After Brackenfell Beating

EFF Member Still In Shock After Brackenfell Beating

EFF Member Still In Shock After Brackenfell Beating

22-year-old Sibongile Nkasayi, who was battered by a baseball bat by a white man during an EFF protest on Monday at Brackenfell High School over racial slurring has since said she’s still in shock.

To date, the Police are yet to arrest the man which is seemingly not going down well with Sibongile.

According to Sibongile, prior to Monday’s protest, the EFF protested outside the school last week Friday where a certain white man told her that she would get her. Although the man who threatened her was not the one who gave her the battering, he was close by when the tragic incident transpired.

“I am still in shock I haven’t yet recovered we were just attacked all of a sudden. There was a guy who said I told you that I am going to get you that’s when that man you saw in the video started hitting me with a baseball bat but the encounter started on Friday when we were protesting I think that’s when he marked me but he is not the one who was beating me it’s actually the guy who was next to him. People were actually telling him that don’t beat her there is media around but he just said I don’t care she’s k*k. I couldn’t turn back and fight because they would have all come to attack me that’s why I kept walking. I am still shaking from the incident.

The EFF men that I was with tried their best to assist but they couldn’t even some of them are still injured because the crowd was just too much but those men in the crowd were just watching and laughing maybe because of the color of my skin. At that moment there was no Police they came after I was beaten up it still hurts me I opened a case on Tuesday so they just said I should send a video to them but at this particular juncture I haven’t heard anything from the Police,” said Sibongile.

However, the EFF has since said it will descend at the school in their numbers in retaliation. The school has since applied for a court interdict preventing EFF members from protesting outside the school which has since been postponed to Monday.


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