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Musa Mseleku Gives Tips for Introducing Polygamy to Your Spouse

Renowned businessman Musa Mseleku, known for his polygamous lifestyle and the reality show “Uthando Nes’thembu,” recently shared valuable advice for men aspiring to embrace polygamy.

In a social media post, Mseleku emphasized the importance of patience and strategic communication when introducing the idea to one’s spouse.

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Approaching Polygamy as a Personal Vision

According to Mseleku, aspiring polygamists should approach the lifestyle as a personal vision that requires careful consideration and understanding from their partners. He urged men to exercise patience, acknowledging that convincing a spouse about polygamy can be challenging. Mseleku emphasized the need for men to win their wives over to support their vision willingly.

“A man that aspires to lead a polygamous lifestyle must without fail exercise extreme level of patience, remember this is your vision it is a difficult one to sell. And loosing a wife it is a major loss especially to you as a vision carrier,” he wrote.

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Musa Mseleku’s Tips for Introducing Polygamy: Navigating External Pressures and Expectations

Highlighting the complexities of the journey, Mseleku noted that repetition might be necessary, emphasizing that the process involves not only convincing but also ensuring that the wife comprehends and aligns with the vision. He pointed out the external pressures wives may face, such as judgment from society, family expectations, workplace dynamics, and comparisons with other marriages.

“There are times where you have to repeat yourself many times. This is not an easy journey you don’t have to convince and protect your wife but you have to win her to be on your side and understand your vision full simple because she has friends that needs to support her, she has a family that she has to face on your behalf, she has colleagues that she must put up with everyday, she has the church who will judge her every day, she has women who are abuse and going through divorce who will make reference into your situation. They will compare their marriages with yours,” he added.

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Tolerance and Understanding: Keys to a Successful Polygamous Lifestyle

Mseleku encouraged men aspiring to lead a polygamous lifestyle to be highly tolerant and understanding, considering the external factors that could affect their wives. He expressed gratitude for living his dream in an era where he could pursue his vision, recognizing the challenges but emphasizing the importance of patience and support within the marital relationship.

“While you are expecting her to understand you but at the same time it is not easy she has to fight demons that are out there to break marriages. Our society is not making things any easy for her because they are so judgemental. This comes to only one thing a man who wants to lead polygamous lifestyle must be tolerant with his wife, I can safely say I am highly favoured to live my dream in this day in age,” he concluded.

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