Port Elizabeth Influencer ArrestedSindiswa Nombona (Image: Sindiswa Nombona/Instagram)

From Glam to Shame: Port Elizabeth Social Media Influencer Sindiswa Nombona Arrested For Shoplifting

The relentless pressure to maintain a glamorous facade on social media has once again led someone down a dark path. This time, it’s the story of social media influencer Sindiswa Nombona, known as @just_love_latino on Instagram.

In an incident that left her red-faced, Sindiswa was caught shoplifting at Hydraulics Mall of Africa.

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Caught in the Act

In a highly embarrassing incident, Sindiswa was caught red-handed shoplifting at the Hydraulics Mall of Africa. A video circulating on various social media platforms captures the moment Sindiswa, in handcuffs, was escorted out of the shopping mall. According to the details shared by entertainment and celebrity gossip blog Buzzy Bee, Sindiswa was allegedly caught with 5 BALR t-shirts.

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Port Elizabeth Influencer Arrested: Mixed Reactions from Instagram Users

Unsurprisingly, the incident sparked a flurry of reactions on Instagram. Some expressed sympathy for Sindiswa, understanding the pressure she might be under, while others viewed this incident as a symbol of the downfall of Instagram influencers. There were even claims that this wasn’t Sindiswa’s first brush with the law, suggesting a pattern of theft in her past.

Here are a few reactions from Instagram users:


No ways!😮 this IG peer pressure will be the end of our generation shames 😢


PE and Cape Town girls are always at *work* always on a mission stealing. And it’s literally all these old cougar girls. I was at dinner party in Durban. 2 of them said we just here to show face otherwise we here too “work”


“Content creation” will be the end of people😂😂😂😂😂😂 then why the vulgar?


She is probably used to stealing these and selling them,,, I know a few people who shoplift in malls especially hydraulics then resell these clothes at half price,,, today was probably her unlucky day


Apparently she’s known as big thief hailing Port Elizabeth. She’s been at it for years


Lol but seeing her pictures on instagram seems like she has money because kedi gucci one way , instead shoplifting yaneh she’s even embarrassed I wonder what was on her mind yazii

The incident has sent shockwaves across social media, with many questioning the authenticity of the curated lives influencers often portray. You can watch the video of Sindiswa’s arrest below:


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