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Primetime to Prime Suspect: Sizokuthola Host Xolani Khumalo Faces Murder Charges in Court

South Africans are deeply divided after hearing that popular TV presenter Xolani Khumalo, known for hosting the anti-drug show “Sizokuthola,” will be facing a murder charge in court.

The news broke when Khumalo voluntarily surrendered to the Katlehong North police station on a recent Tuesday.

Khumalo Surrenders Voluntarily

This development is linked to an incident in July involving the suspicious death of Robert “Kicks” Varrie, a suspected drug dealer. Khumalo and his crew had confronted Varrie during an interrogation, and he subsequently passed away under mysterious circumstances. An anonymous source who spoke with City Press disclosed that Khumalo is set to appear at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court, where he will face murder charges.

Back in July, following Varrie’s death, the Gauteng police spokesperson, Mavela Masondo, confirmed that a murder case had been initiated at the Vosloorus police station and later transferred to the Katlehong North police station for investigation. This incident occurred when Khumalo, accompanied by his team and the Gauteng Patrollers (known as amapanyaza), acted on a tip-off and cornered Varrie at a residence in Katlehong.

Mzansi Divided Over Xolani Khumalo Murder Charge

The news of Xolani Khumalo’s impending court appearance sparked a range of reactions among South Africans. Some advocated for the legal process to run its course, while others defended Khumalo’s actions, arguing that he was essentially doing the police’s job. Some even speculated that Xolani Khumalo’s work might have disrupted a top politician’s drug trade which is why he is being prosecuted. Here are some comments from the public:



I’m very happy about this. He was acting as if he is above the law. His arrest must serve as a deterrent to other vigilante groups


I’m sure the victim is a Nigerian drug dealer who destroyed many lives but ke South Africa 🇿🇦 belongs to all


He must have disrupted the free flowing narcotics operations of an influential comrade, this smells filthy from afar.

Foundation Issues Statement

After Khumalo handed himself over to the police, the Xolani Khumalo Foundation issued a statement. In it, the foundation assured the public of Khumalo’s compliance with the South African Police Services (SAPS) request while maintaining his innocence. They expressed hope that the justice system will vindicate him.

The foundation also urged the community to continue supporting Khumalo and emphasized that he and his team operated professionally during drug busts. Part of their statement reads:

The South African Police Services have requested that Xolani Knumalo hand himself over in connection with an incident that occurred at one of the last drug busts. Xolani Knumalo and the team operated according to the strictest standards of professionalism when engaged in securing accountability from those that sell drugs and choose to harm the communities where they choose to operate. We rely on law enforcement to act with equity and fairness.

Accordingly, Xolani has handed himself over to the police. Xolani and the Xolani Knumalo Foundation respects the laws of the Republic and rejects all forms of vigilantism. Xolani, having completely operated under the law, will willingly submit to the law. The Foundation having full confidence in Xolani’s innocence will allow the law to take its course. We urge the community to support him in prayer and in solidarity continue to support the work of the Foundation. The Foundation will keep the public informed of all developments in this matter.

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