TK Nciza Fiancee Lebo Phasha on how they keep the fire burning in their bedroomTK Nciza with his wife-to-be Lebo Phasha (Image Credit: Instagram @lebo_phasha_22)

 TK Nciza’s Fiancée Lebo Phasha Reveals How They Spice It Up  the Bedroom

Gauteng ANC secretary Thembinkosi “TK” Nciza and his wife-to-be Lebo Phasha recently sent social media into a frenzy as they revealed details about their bedroom affairs.

As the wedding bells draw nearer for TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha, the couple spilled the tea on what keeps the fire burning in their bedroom and how they spice it up.

TK Nciza's Fiancée Lebo Phasha Spills the Tea on How They Keep the Fire Burning in Their Bedroom
TK Nciza’s Fiancée Lebo Phasha Reavels How They Keep the Fire Burning in Their Bedroom (Image Credit: Sokonnect)

TK Nciza’s Fiancée Lebo Phasha Bedroom Secrets

In a candid question-and-answer session on her social media platform, Lebo Phasha didn’t hold back. When asked about her views on threes*mes, she boldly expressed,

Don’t take offense If your man asks you for a threes*me, it’s actually fun, try it.”

Her partner, TK Nciza, chimed in from the background, humorously stating,

Angiyingeni, angizoyiphendula. That’s being managed by the woman,” making it clear he had no intention of joining the conversation.

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Everywhere is the Playground: TK Nciza and Lebo Phasha’s Intimacy Preferences

Lebo Phasha didn’t stop at discussing threes*mes. When asked about their preferred location for intimate moments, she offered a surprising perspective.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to pleasure, have it everywhere,” she said.

“Bedroom for what? For who? We want spicy. We let people that are working go sleep first.”

Lebo’s openness prompted a range of reactions from their followers.

SperaDidiza commended her approach, stating, “Wow, sounds like someone has found the secret to a long and happy relationship!”

However, I_am_Bucie emphasized that threes*mes might not deter infidelity, saying, “Some women give into threesomes thinking that will stop their men from cheating but nope nono if efuna ukujola uzojola (if he wants to cheat, he will cheat) and still have threesomes with you.”

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