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South Africa’s Drug War Takes a Shocking Turn: Xolani Khumalo Faces Backlash Over Inclusive March

Xolani Khumalo, the host of the popular reality TV series Sizokuthola, has divided opinion after inviting foreigners living in South Africa to join his upcoming march.

Organized through the Xolani Khumalo Foundation, this event will see the anti-drug advocate lead a march to Pretoria’s Union Building on Friday, with the aim of demanding stronger action against drug-related crimes.

SANTACO has announced its support for the Xolani Khumalo Foundation’s march, aptly named “A Match for Unity.”

Xolani Khumalo’s Inclusive Invitation to Anti-Drug March

Xolani Khumalo took to TikTok to share additional details about the march. He encouraged all participants to wear black on the day of the event as a symbol of mourning for the current state of affairs in South Africa. He emphasized that this is not a political gathering and discouraged the use of political attire. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring candles for a moment of prayer, seeking spiritual intervention.

Xolani Khumalo extended invitations to all South Africans, regardless of their faith or political affiliation. However, his decision to include foreign nationals in the invitation sparked controversy among fellow South Africans. He explained,

“We invite all political people, all traditional leaders, all spiritual leaders and all taxi associations, as long as you are South African. Even if you are a foreign national as long as you are not doing the wrong things. We invite you to say we want a clean, drug-free South Africa.”

Operation Dudula’s Distancing

Operation Dudula criticized Xolani Khumalo for including foreigners in the anti-drug march. The group issued a statement distancing itself from Xolani Khumalo’s event, asserting that foreigners are significant contributors to South Africa’s problems, including the drug epidemic. The statement reads:

“Operation Dudula added that it does not make sense for South Africans to invite foreigners to fix South Africa’s problems. They said that they will continue with their March to the Nigerian Embassy to demand an immediate mass deportation of all illegal Nigerians in a fight for a drug free South Africa.

Operation Dudula strongly believes illegal foreigners are the biggest contributors to the problems that South Africa is facing today.

The Sizokthola show has put a face and nationality to alcohol and substance abuse problems facing the country.

Until we have better control over our borders and corruption has subsided at Home Affairs, Operation Dudula does not believe that foreigners could be perceived as part of the solution. The invitation of foreigners by the XK Foundation and organisers to solve South Africa’s problems is rather unfortunate and regrettable.

Accordingly, Operation Dudula herewith distances itself from the March with foreigners scheduled for the 15th September 2023 and undertakes to take them head on soon. Any member of Operation Dudula that wishes to support they more then welcome to join them.

BUT not in our Regalia.

Matching with foreigners to solve domestic issues should not be encouraged.”

Mixed Reactions from South Africans

South Africans reacted with mixed opinions to Operation Dudula’s statement condemning Xolani Khumalo for inviting foreigners. Some argued that Xolani Khumalo was inviting legal, law-abiding foreigners, while others accused Dudula of hijacking the march for their own agenda. Below are some of the reactions:


But he is not inviting illegal foreigners, is inviting everyone including foreigners who are doing good things , meaning who are legal here and not doing crime


He didn’t say anything about illegal foreigners… Dudula wanted to make this match about themselves and their organisation forgetting the mandate of this match. Foreign nationals who are legally in SA and does not do the wrongs things in this country are welcomed!


So Dudula wanted to make this March about them not drugs ? Disgusting opportunists.


No Foreigners at the March Legal or Not! The March should be a South Africans March


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