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Young Stunna Ignites Speculation About His Sexuality Again With Stage Moves

Popular Amapiano vocalist Young Stunna has left Mzansi questioning his sexuality once again after sharing a video of his recent energetic stage performance.

Young Stunna has been known to give his all when performing but his recent stage performance left tongues wagging.

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The Controversial Dance Moves

A video shared on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) shows Young Stunna shaking his rear hard on stage.

While many fans praised him for his dedication to his craft and for delivering high-energy shows, some seized the opportunity to speculate about his sexuality solely based on his dance moves. They argued that the Amapiano singer might be revealing his sexuality through his stage performances and outfits. Here are some of the comments:


Failing to beat da allegations


That man wasn’t lying.


He’s in the closet


This performance at @comunityza was one of the greatest. It was such a pleasure to get to see @youngstunna_rsa perform 🔥🔥🔥


He goes all out on his performance no matter gore oko kae 🔥🔥🔥🔥

You can watch the video below:

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Young Stunna Addresses Rumors: Clarifying His Sexuality

Young Stunna’s sexuality has been a topic of interest lately. The singer was compelled to address rumours suggesting he was the person sitting on another man’s lap while wearing a thong in a viral image. In the image, the person’s back is to the camera, concealing their identity. Interestingly, the individual on the man’s lap bears a strong resemblance to Young Stunna, leading to speculation that this might be his boyfriend.

Young Stunna clarified that he is straight and even shared a picture of himself and his girlfriend in a private Instagram conversation with the entertainment and celebrity gossip blog Maphephandaba.

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Allegations and Accusations

Not long ago, ex-convict Bongani Tsime made sensational claims about DJ Maphorisa and other male artists in the industry. Speaking on The Wall Podcast with SkeemGP, Bongani Tsime accused DJ Maphorisa of engaging in relations with other men. He claimed the DJ has had tlof tlof with various male artists, including Daliwonga.

He further accused Kabza De Small, Focalistic, and Young Stunna of also having relations with other male artists.

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