Why The River Should Downgrade To Mzansi Magic

Why The River Should Downgrade To Mzansi Magic

Why The River Should Downgrade To Mzansi Magic

Millions of people watch The River through clips on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook because they can’t afford DSTV premium.

And it seems like Phathu Makwarela doesn’t really value the fans input because he’s now created this new novella which will be showing on MNET.

Unemployment has skyrocketed and it doesn’t make sense to upgrade for two channels; 1Magic and MNET.


Here are four reasons why The River should downgrade to channel 161(Mzansi Magic):


If people are willing to bother The Joneses next door or buy data to watch your show on YouTube, you best believe you have a winner.

The River has fresh, exciting content all the time. The kinda content that excites you, makes you cry and makes you mad. And if you watch it alone, you’re going to Whatsapp your mother or best friend to discuss. And join other River fans online and vent for days.


All the actors are so brilliant that it kinda feels like they were handpicked for their roles. Even Tumi’s acting has improved recently.

Lindiwe Dikana played by Sindi Dlathu and Zolani played by Lawrence Maleka are a class act. You never, ever feel like they are trying too hard or acting…It’s like they were born for their roles.

Award-Winning Telenovela

When the awards season comes, The River cleans up in every category. They leave the other novellas and soapies with bread-crumbs. You almost feel like you’re watching a bully beating up an innocent child and you wanna say “okay, that’s enough”. *insert crying and laughing emoji*


Perhaps some competition is exactly what trashy shows need to give us a reason to watch their shows again. The Queen has gotten used to being number one on Mzansi Magic, so if The River was moved to the same channel, The Ferguson’s would actually get new writers and talented actors on their show for a change.

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