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Congratulations are in order for the renowned South African actor Jesse Suntele and his partner, Thuthu Maqhosha, as they joyfully announce the impending arrival of their bundle of joy in a pregnancy news post.

In a heartwarming Instagram post, the couple proudly showcased Thuthu’s blossoming baby bump, accompanied by warm and sincere messages of well-wishes from friends and fans alike.

Pregnancy news shared through Instagram

In a shared Instagram post, Jesse and Thuthu captioned a series of photos and videos, ‘Life Lately’. The two shared how they have been having the time of their lives enjoying their baby bump.

In the pictures, Jesse can be seen fooling around showing off his stomach and posing like his heavily pregnant girlfriend. The couple also show that they have not stopped having fun together as they still go out and enjoy dancing together.

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A Declaration of Love

In a recent episode of the 2023 series “Defining Love,” Jesse Suntele couldn’t contain his excitement as he openly expressed his profound joy in his relationship with Thuthu. He shared his newfound understanding of love, emphasizing the transformative power of their connection.

“When you visit someone with a specific intention, and the kiss turns into foreplay, that’s how it should be. However, when the entire night unfolds before that moment, it changes the purpose of the visit,”

Jesse reflected on the three years of their relationship, highlighting the importance of overcoming challenges. He stated, “If your relationships don’t face challenges, you’re in trouble.” Moreover, he acknowledged the profound impact Thuthu had on his understanding of love, stating that he had never truly grasped its essence in his past relationships.

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With deep respect for his ex-partners, Jesse made it clear that his current relationship with Thuthu had given him a new perspective on love, emphasizing the uniqueness of their connection.

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