Gogo Maweni Witchcraft PodcastGogo Maweni with a dried baboon (Image: Gogo Maweni/Instagram)

Gogo Maweni Announces Launch of Witchcraft Podcast, Promises Education and Solutions

Popular celebrity Sangoma and reality TV personality, Gogo Maweni, has excited her fans by announcing her upcoming podcast dedicated to witchcraft.

The news was shared by Gogo Maweni, whose real name is Lee-Anne Mokopo, on her social media pages on Monday afternoon.

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Unveiling the Gogo Maweni Witchcraft Podcast

Taking to social media, the traditional healer shared images of herself striking poses with what seems like an embalmed baboon. Gogo Maweni captioned the peculiar snaps with the announcement that she will be launching a podcast on witchcraft. She clarified that the primary purpose of her podcast would be to educate, shed light on the subject, and provide assistance to those in need of help with witchcraft-related issues.

“Podcast on witchcraft loading. The whole point is to expose, educate n give solutions,” Gogo Maweni captioned the pictures.

As of the time of writing, Gogo Maweni had not disclosed the podcast’s name or specific details regarding its format.

In other news, izangoma led by the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) marched to the offices of Moja Love in Rosebank to complain about the airing of “fake” izingamo shows that undermine the work of real traditional healers.


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Traditional Healers Take a Stand

In related news, traditional healers represented by the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) marched to Moja Love’s offices in Rosebank to express their dissatisfaction with the broadcast of what they deemed “fake” izingamo shows that undermine the credibility of genuine traditional healers.

During their visit, they handed over a formal memorandum outlining their concerns to representatives from Moja Love and set a seven-day deadline for a response to their demands.

Zanele Mazibuko, the spokeswoman for THO, emphasized their desire for Moja Love to remove shows like “Fake Gobela,” “Gogo Maweni,” “Zodwa Wa Bantu,” and similar programs referring to ubungoma.

Mazibuko stated,

“These fake izangoma are just entertainers and what they’re doing is destroying our image as izingoma. We can’t allow them to ruin our reputation. They’re only there to make money and they’ll do anything to get viewers.”

THO has committed to continuing their protests until Moja Love addresses their concerns.

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