Sho Madjozi Speaks Candidly On Getting Drunk On Da Les’ Podcast

Sho Madjozi (Image Credit: Instagram via Sho Madjozi)

Sho Madjozi Reveals How She Got High Like A Kite On Da Les’ Podcast


Award-winning South African musician Sho Madjozi has confirmed she was drunk on Da Les’ podcast. She also revealed how she ended up drunk on the rapper’s Posted With Da L.E.S & Friends YouTube show.

The revelation came after a clip of the John Cena singer looking faded did the rounds on Twitter. In the clip that has since gone viral on social media, Da L.E.S was trying to get Sho Madjozi to focus on the matter at hand, which was promoting her new book.



Sho Madjozi recently published a children’s book called Sho Ma and the stars. While Da L.E.S was trying to get more information about her book,  Sho Madjozi started speaking in gibberish. She also seemed emotional and Tweeps could not help but notice her slurred speech.


Sho Madjozi Da Les
Sho Madjozi Reveals How She Got High Like A Kite On Da Les’ Podcast (Image Credit: Sho Madjozi via Instagram)


Sho Madjozi confirmed that she was indeed drunk and revealed how she ended up faded.

Taking to her official Twitter account on Wednesday, Sho Madjozi revealed that Da L.E.S did not take advantage of her in any way.

She said the former Jozi rapper invited her for an interview over a few drinks but after three hours the liquor got the best of her.

Sho Madjozi joked that she will never do another interview with Da L.E.S again. She wrote:

Da Les: let’s have a nice wholesome interview over a few drinks

3 hours later: “please can you look at how cute the nose is.” 😊

lol never again

Her fans took to the comments section and reacted to Sho’s revelation. Below are some of the comments:


Please don’t drink again ❤️. People watch sober and judge at a sober state


The interview was amazing, glad to see that you not taking any offence to the clip making the rounds like some woke people. The interview was amazing and you are beautiful


I love that you not trying to spin it with lengthy statements🤣


I was feeling sorry for you as you got more and more drunk… I was hoping your manager (presumably sober) would’ve ended it sooner… but in the end a fun episode to watch😅


Another one Madjozi we wanna hear about the eyes now cause last time the nose stole the show

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