The River: Emma Hits Lindiwe where It Hurts

The River: Emma Hits Lindiwe where It Hurts

The River: Emma Hits Lindiwe where It Hurts

There were no words to describe the secondary humiliation felt when we watched Lindiwe demand that Emma takes off her clothes to prove if she indeed is pregnant.

It is one thing to suspect that a person is lying to you, but to go and dehumanise them the way Lindiwe and Zolani did Emma was heart-breaking; but of course, Emma is a tsotsi and tsotsis deserve to be treated like the tsotsis they are.

No matter how pregnant they are? Well, tis is definitely the Dikana logic, except for poor naïve and kind bab Zweli, for everyone else, it is fair game.

This Emma storyline is obviously intent on putting Lindiwe in her place because Mohumi tried and failed. We need something else to remind us there might just be a thing called balance in the world, that there is justice after all for people who are hard done by the rich and famous.

Emma’s tera tonight were convincingly heart-breaking. She grabbed our hearts and for a while it was forgettable that she once instructed Lindiwe to dig her own grave that she once claimed to be a Doctor when she was not.

Lindiwe must just be very careful from now on because who she thought was unharmful has come to get her own back and there is no way that devilish pregnant woman called Emma will back down from this.

Calling the journalist to come and spill the beans on Lindiwe was really a class act move. There is nothing that hurts a business person more than public perception.

Lindiwe does well to purport an image of doing better tan the next person and her performative philanthropy has won the hearts of many who are not privy to her very evil ways.

Alas, Emma has the upper hand now and man these next few days will be awesome to watch, when the story finally breaks and Lindiwe has to dig deep into her pocket of tricks to get herself out of this one.

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